The Selection Committee was founded in the 1940s because the community noticed that only certain neighborhoods were represented on the School Board. A group of volunteers formed a committee that was composed of equal representation from all 4 elementary school districts (Central, Chatsworth, Mamaroneck Ave and Murray). It was decided that there would be 6 people from each elementary school district, volunteering in 3-year terms, so there would always be a balance between seasoned Selection Committee members and new members. Aside from recruiting from a broader candidate pool for the Board of Education (BoE), the newly formed Selection Committee wanted to keep politics out of the schools as well as single-issue candidates.

Today the 24 members of the Selection Committee spend the school year attending Board meetings and study sessions, speaking with district residents and meeting with district officials in order to educate themselves with the issues in our schools and community. They also tap into social media, local organizations, word-of-mouth, and many more places to find people interested in running for the BoE. Potential candidates are connected with current BoE members whom they can ask directly about the roles and responsibilities. If interested, they fill out an application by January 31, provide three references and continue with the Selection Committee vetting process. Vetting of BoE candidates includes calling references, interviewing candidates, and finally, deliberation and a blind vote to endorse.