The Selection Committee for the Mamaroneck School Board  was founded in 1946 to find qualified and committed candidates for the Mamaroneck Board of Education.

This organization is made up of 24 private citizens who are elected representatives of the Mamaroneck School District. Members of the group spend each year attending school board meetings and study sessions,  speaking with district residents and meeting with district officials (including, but not limited to, the Superintendent, members of the Board of Education, and senior representatives of the PTA) in order  to familiarize themselves with the issues facing the district. The Selection Committee then recruits, interviews, and vets candidates for upcoming vacancies, with the goal of endorsing those candidates that it feels can best represent all segments of the community and their diverse interests, meet the needs and demands of the Board of Education position and poise the Mamaroneck Public School system for future success in the ever-challenging and global community in which we live.

Selection Committee members themselves have staggered, three-year terms, and are elected via ballotsset up near School Board polling locations. For more information on the Selection Committee or how to serve, please visit our website at www.selectioncommittee.org.

Applying for the School Board:

Being a member of the Mamaroneck School Board is a challenging and very rewarding experience. We are looking for community members who are committed to ensuring our school system is properly run andprovides the best education possible for our children.

If you are interested in being considered for a school board position, please fill out an application and return it info@selectioncommittee.org.

You can download the school board application here: New Candidate Application

Joining the Selection Committee:

Each year we look for 2-3 new Selection Committee members from each elementary school in the system. If you want to be part of the selection committee and help guide the direction of the school board, please complete and submit an application to info@selectioncommittee.org.

You can download an application here: New Selection Committee Candidate Application

The Committee for the Selection of School Board Nominees is a totally independent organization. We have no connection of any kind to the Mamaroneck School District, the Mamaroneck School Board or the Mamaroneck Schools Administration. Nor do we have ties to any political party or partisan organization.

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