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Mamaroneck historyThe Selection Committee Membership Composition

The Selection Committee is comprised of 24 elected members who represent a broad cross-section of our community. Selection Committee Members care deeply about the education of every child in the school district. Members also are very concerned about the qualifications of the people elected to oversee the school district.

To ensure as democratic a process as possible, members of the Selection Committee are elected to serve a single 3-year term. Elections are held on the same day and at the same locations as the district’s School Board and School Budget elections. This is done to attract the largest number of voters to participate in Selection Committee elections.

The fact that one-third of the Selection Committee is new every year accomplishes two very positive results: fresh perspective from the new members, and on-going leadership provided by the senior members.

The Selection Committee Commitment

The Selection Committee has designed a thorough process to educate itself each year on the issues facing the School Board and the district in order to seek out and endorse the best possible School Board Candidates.

1) Committee Members invest a considerable amount of time learning about the skills, experience and qualities that define an effective School Board Member.

2) Committee Members attend monthly meetings at which educational issues are discussed, and guest speakers provide information on various educational topics relevant to the district.

3) Committee Members attend School Board Meetings, as well as School Board Study Sessions. The results of these meetings and sessions are then discussed with the whole Selection Committee membership, thus giving every member the most current information about what issues the School Board is dealing with, and what programs and innovations are being implemented in the various schools.

The Selection Committee Selection Process

Thus armed with sufficient invaluable information regarding School Board Member qualifications and current School Board issues, each Selection Committee Member can then confidently begin to search for School Board Candidates. For each such candidate, an application must be completed, along with the names of 3 references whom The Selection Committee will contact.
This process, which begins in September, usually culminates in mid-March, at which time all candidates who have completed an application are scheduled for a private, videotaped interview with the entire Selection Committee membership. In order to provide an objective process for the endorsement of the most qualified candidates, each Committee Member must:
Attend/view every candidate interview, Evaluate each candidate against a consistent set of selection criteria which include, but are not limited to, the following:

– Integrity

– Leadership

– Team player

– Consensus builder/decision maker

– Communication skills

– Knowledge of education issues

– Ability to synthesize complex issues quickly, formulate strategies and develop policies

– Participate in the discussion of candidate interviews and reference checks, as well as in the endorsement vote.



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