Below are links to the Selection Committee application forms for both new and Incumbent applicants. You will need Adobe PDF reader to open them.

Incumbent Candidate Application

New Candidate Application

We have compiled a list of questions that people often ask regarding the Selection Committee. After you review the list, if you still cannot find the answer to your question, please contact us.

Q: What does the Selection Committee do?

  • Reaches out to the community to seek qualified individuals to run for the School Board.
  • Interviews individuals who express interest in serving on the School Board
  • Evaluates candidates against a consistent set of qualifications including integrity, leadership, consensus building/decision making skills, communication skills, knowledge of issues impacting our district, etc.
  • Endorses candidates for the School Board.
  • Attends School Board meetings, meets with School Board members and other education experts to more fully understand the state of the Mamaroneck School Board and the Mamaroneck School District.

Q: How are members of the Selection Committee elected?


  • To be eligible to run for election to the Selection Committee, a candidate must be at least 18 years old, and a U.S. citizen residing in the school district.
  • Two members from each of the 4 elementary school district are elected each year. Total membership at all times is 24 members.
  • Members serve 1 three-year term.
  • Candidate names are placed on a ballot in the candidate’s elementary school district.
  • The election for Selection Committee candidates is held the same day as the school budget vote, which is usually the 3rd Tuesday in May.
  • Applications are available from the Selection Committee Chairperson, or can be downloaded
    New Selection Committee Candidate Application

Q: What does the Selection Committee do to make sure the public is informed and aware of its activities?


  • Press releases are placed in local print and online newspapers, elementary and secondary school newsletters, as well as on the local cable access station. Flyers are posted in prominent locations throughout the Larchmont/Mamaroneck business districts.
  • Submits press releases throughout the year to local newspapers informing the public of its meetings and election results.
  • Provides endorsed candidate biographies to voters 2 weeks prior to the School Board election.
  • Publicizes open positions to the Selection Committee in local print and online newspapers, as well as in elementary and secondary school newsletters.
  • Televises the introduction of endorsed candidates on LMC-TV.
  • Directs the community to its Web site (selectioncommittee.org) for important information.

Q: How does the Selection Committee identify potential candidates for the School Board?


  • Any individual who submits an application is interviewed by the Selection Committee.
  • The Selection Committee members suggest, contact and evaluate individuals whom they think may be qualified candidates to run for the School Board.

Q: What process is used by the Selection Committee to endorse a candidate?


  • Each member of the Committee reviews an applicant’s application and the comments made by the applicant’s references.
  • The applicant is interviewed with the full Committee in attendance.
  • The Committee votes on each candidate in a confidential vote.
  • The candidate with the highest vote tally is endorsed.

Q: Who can run for the position of School Board?

Any candidate who is a U.S. citizen, over age 18, and a resident in the school district for at least one year prior to the school budget vote can run for a seat on the School Board. The Application can be found  New Candidate Application

Q: Do incumbent School Board members automatically get endorsed by the School Board if they are up for re-election?


  • No. The Committee will endorse the most highly qualified candidate, without regard to incumbency status.
  • Selection Committee members regularly attend in person or watch School Board meetings on LMC-TV throughout the year to assess the performance of current School Board members.
  • A special incumbent application is required and is available
  •  Incumbent Candidate Application

Q: Can a candidate who isn’t endorsed by the Selection Committee run for a seat on the School Board?

  • Absolutely. Any interested candidate who completes the legal requirements can run for the School Board.
  • ALL candidates, even those who are endorsed, must request an application from the District Clerk and return it no later than 30 days before the school budget vote.
  • ALL candidates, must also return a petition that includes the signatures of a legally set number of voters in the district.

Q: Why are candidates not selected by a political party?

The political party process of issues-based debate and campaigning is not the best method for identifying qualified School Board candidates, since those candidates are selected for their knowledge of education issues, decision-making skills; and abilities as consensus-builders, team players, careful listeners, among other worthy qualifications, and not because of their stance on a single issue.

The majority of past and present School Board members has confirmed its appreciation to the Selection Committee for taking a pivotal role in carefully evaluating and then presenting new candidates to the community.

Q: Why isn’t the election to School Board an issues-based election?

Because the Board deals with a broad range of issues affecting many aspects of public education.

There is no way to pre-determine what particular issues the School Board may have to face in any given year.

Q: Does having the Selection Committee nominate candidates reduce my ability to make my own judgments regarding potential candidates?

No. There are 3 options for any individual who feels this way:

  • Run for election to the Selection Committee.
  • Run for election to the School Board.
  • Form a new group to nominate a candidate for the School Board.

Since voters have historically elected the Selection Committee’s candidate, this suggests they are happy with the process


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