The Nomination Committee’s BOE Candidate Vetting Process

Our mission:

To educate the community on how the BOE works and find qualified candidates to run for open seats.  We will vet potential candidates and share their thoughts and views about current issues facing our district, so our community can make an informed voting decision.

Our Process:

Phase I: Fall – Initial Vetting Process 

  1. Inform the community we are actively accepting applications via Social Media, email blast, PTAs and other community centered organizations.
  2. Initial meeting between each candidate and co-chairs of the Nomination Committee
  3. Meeting between each candidate and a current or former BOE member and current Nomination Committee member

Phase II: Winter – First Round of Interviews

  • Official Applications for BOE submitted and shared with the Nomination Committee
  • Background check for each candidate*
  • Reference checks for each candidate*
  • Record individual Interviews (either in person or via Zoom) between each candidate and the Nomination Committee.
    • The community is encouraged to submit questions via by date [TBD]. All candidates will be asked the same questions
    • The recorded answers to these questions will be available to view on our website along with brief write-ups on each candidate

Phase III: Spring – Question and Answer/Meet The Candidates via LMCTV

  • All candidates are invited to take part in a Q&A on LMCTV
    • Community members are encouraged to submit questions prior to the Q&A.
    • All candidates will be asked the same questions
  • A link to the event will be available on our website, social media and emailed to our community along with all necessary information prior to the vote on May 18th.
  • Community vote takes place

*Please note: BOE applicants who fail background checks or fail to provide references, or who have references who do not speak favorably of candidate for whatever reason, will not be included in candidates put forth by the Nominating Committee. Likewise, potential candidates who do not demonstrate interest in multiple issues facing our schools and our community as a whole, as well as a vested interest in learning how the BOE works, will not be put forth by the Nominating Committee.